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City of Kellogg
> Galena Ridge – City Engineer for compliance on

   project design and construction

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Ruen-Yeager has been providing storm water and flood control services throughout North Idaho for 35 years. Our professional services encompass a broad range of services from simple culvert replacement, to site drainage designs and storm water and erosion control plans, MS4 Permit Compliance services, to full scale levee analysis and FEMA coordination for recertification.

Kootenai County
> Juvenile Detention Center
> Jail Expansion Project
> RV Waste Disposal Station Project
> Storm Water Management Manual Review proposed plats

   for storm water control
> Review roadway construction drawings and conceptual

   storm water plans for all projects within County
City of Post Falls
> Quad Park Softball Complex
> 3rd Street Improvements
> Mullan Avenue Improvements


City of Hayden
> Review of commercial / industrial / storm water site plans
> Review and preparation of the Storm Water Management

> Review of new subdivision site grading and storm water

   management plans
> Liaison to the Kootenai County Storm Water Technical

   Assistance Council
Bonner County Road Department
> Prepare plans for storm drainage system on Ponder Point
> Review storm drainage for Golden Meadows Subdivision
> Lower Pack River Road Improvements

City of Coeur d’Alene Flood works Recertification
> Levee analysis, design of improvements, and FEMA

   Recertification for the Coeur d’Alene Flood works Levee

   surrounding the Fort Grounds and North Idaho College.
MS4 Permit Compliance Services
> Full spectrum of MS4 permit compliance services including

   public education, dry weather monitoring, staff training, EPA

   liaison, and annual report submittals.
Fernwood Water and Sewer District
> Fernwood Recreational Vehicle Waste Disposal Site and

   Historical Marker